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Fantasy Football’s Fun Fact Friday…Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

The CommitteeYep, you my dear sports-aholic read that right! Kitty Committee! Your’s truly has started an “Itty Bitty Football Fantasy Kitty Committee” and they are waiting for you 😀 They will be handling all your Football Fantasy needs, lol! Okay! Okay! So I  ADORE cat memes more than football, so sue me! It wouldn’t be a “Football Fun Fact Friday” without my cat memes! (Note to self: Itty Bitty Football Fantasy Kitty Committee is now over getting me pumped up for writing blogs!!! Someone has to get me excited when it’s not football season, lol!)

Leaving Kittyland and into Football’s Kingdom!

Quick recap of last weeks Fun Facts:
“Football Fantasy’s Fun Facts…Fumble. Formation. Falafel.”

#1- Football’s “F” Words and A LOT of them at that!
#2- Noxzema Joe.
#3- Some poor woman losing her life!
#4- The Dark side of Mascot names.
#5-The Cha-chaing Oakland Senors
***Soo…new fact! If you didn’t catch it, I nor one of the OutPuttingOurCoverage Guys (aka David Tutwiler) didn’t catch it, I accidentally had two #5 facts…haha!***
#5- Not all car salesmen are sleazy.
#6- C…O…L…T…S…what does that spell?
#7- My Name is Inigo Montoya you kil…wait sorry Montagia.
#8- “Finger and a thumb in the shape of an ‘L’ on their foreheads”
#9- Ray Lewis may not have killed a man BUT…
#10- Being Pro ain’t easy!

So, let’s push on through for another Touchdown lineup of fun facts!

Fun Fact #11…Do you know what former Vikings running back Robert Smith saw in the stars? Well personally I’m not the one to ask but since he was an Astronomer I’m sure he knows. Though he was an astronomer and a professional football player, he later retired to pursue a career in medicine. Interesting.

Fun Fact #12…Talk about a shot in the dark, Herschel Walker revealed in a 2008 interview that he has played Russian Roulette numerous times.  Luckily he was still alive to admit to it. *Note to self: Russian Roulette Facts aren’t that “fun”.*

Fun Fact #13…Let’s get the party started! The average number of people at a Super Bowl Party is 17 attendees.

Fun Fact #14…Talk about a business not feeling the recession. The last team to “go out of business” in the NFL was the “Dallas Texans” in 1952. Gotta love long term relationships.

Fun Fact #15…A Shout out to my Brother-in-Law, Jason! A 2006 study on loyalty of fans. The “Loyal Fan Award” goes out to all the Cleveland Brown’s fans! Way to stick it out through the good, the bad and the ugly you guys! Go Browns!

Fun Fact #16…Spreading more love towards the Browns. The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team to have No Logo adorn their Helmets. Though they don’t “technically” have a mascot they do use a brown and orange dog on occasion in honor of the Dawg Pound Fan Section at the Brown’s Stadium

Fun Fact #17…Say, “Dez-Mon-Da.” Seriously is it that hard? Most people obviously thought so because “Bob” Sander’s, Defensive back for the Colts, actual name is Desmond Sanders. People just nicknamed him “Bob” because they had a hard time pronouncing Desmond. Seriously?  That’s not even close to the weirdest name in the NFL. I mean come on, Tshimanga? Lousaka? And dear goodness please don’t develop a stutter pronouncing Lekkerkerker!!!

Fun Fact #18…O Captain, My Captain! Since we were stumped on why people couldn’t pronounce Desmond, here’s an awesome first name for ya! Captain, Captain Munnerlyn that is. Yep, you read that right “Captain!” Cap is currently the KR/PR for the Carolina Panthers. I swear he’s probably the only guy I know that his friends NEVER nicknamed him…why nickname a name that is just perfect?!?! Yo Captain Crunch!

Fun Fact #19…Need a good stretch? Why not ask Qualified Yoga Instructor, Running Back Ricky Williams? I think I shall call him “Yogi.” Wait, What? That name is already taken? Darn-it.

Fun Fact #20…Talk about a draft sleeper! Wes Welker, who tied for the most receptions in 2007 was left out in the cold in the 2004 draft! Talk about potential left untouched!

Just for kicks…Fun Fact #20…Talk about sacrifice! To create a year’s worth of footballs, 3,000…let me say it again, 3,000!…Cow skins are needed to supply the leather demand. Usually that much leather in one event usually pertains to some kind of dark dominating, tied up… you get my drift. Anyway! Bring on the Beef!

So now that you’ve had your weekly dose of “Fantasy Football‘s Fun Facts Friday” let’s see if you have anything to add to our “Awesome” (Whoop! Whoop! Didn’t forget about ya LarryB!) lineup of facts! Oh and yes all comments will be processed through our new committee (IBFFKC) for legitimacy!


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3 comments on “Fantasy Football’s Fun Fact Friday…Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

  1. davidtutwiler
    April 12, 2013

    Another cool name (like fact #18) is Major Wright. Formerly of the University of Florida, now a Chicago Bears safety…he has got a cool freaking name!

  2. yourfootballfantasy
    April 12, 2013

    Yeah no sane woman would marry him because he’s always “major right” instead of just right.
    “Babe you’re wrong!”
    “Nope. I’m Major Right!”

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