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Football Fantasy Fun Facts…Fumble. Formation. Falafel.

You’re Football Fantasy is back and has fun facts on her brain this morning, as well as falafel and cats,! (Shut it you haters! Cat Memes are quite a sociable way to celebrate the coming of Friday!) So with Football in general being in off season I am looking for some football entertainment and where would be a better place to look than fun facts?

Fun Fact #1…There’s TONS of “F” words in Football, fortunately falafel, for football’s sake, isn’t one of them, it was just the first non football related word with an “F” that “f“lopped into my head. So here we are:

Face Mask, Fair Catch, False Start, Fantasy Football, Fantasy League, Field Goal, Field Judge, Field of Play, Field Position, First and Ten, First Down, Flag Football, Flanker, Flat, Flood, Formation, Forward Pass, Forward Progress, Foul, Franchise, Franchise Player, Free Agency, Free Agent, Free Kick, Free Safety, Freeze, Front Four, Front Seven, Fullback, Fumble

Am I fantastically amazing or what? That’s a lot of “F” words, need I mention clean “F” words? Okay, I’ll be frank, I’m sure some of your football shaped hearts started to flutter at a female knowing all these flipping football ‘F” words but don’t flatter yourself friend, I’m just a mere football fantasy lady who’s familiar with google 😀 (wonders, how many more “F” words I can get away with putting in this football fantasy fun fact…feathers!)

Onward march into more Fun Football Facts!

Fun Fact #2…As far as fun facts, this one is certainly the cleanest! Joe Namath starred in the first famous super bowl commercial. Who was he advertising for you ask? Noxzema! Who would have thought!? But then again, shouldn’t football players, too, enjoy silky smooth zit free skin?

Fun Fact #3…There is no known footage of the first super bowl. I mean there was, but if rumors are true then a soap opera was reportedly recorded over it. Talk about one unhappy household! I can see it now,

“You did WHAT?!?!”
“But baby, Danny was about to die when he asked Julie to be his wife but later found out she was cheating on him with her brother and the son that she claimed was his was never his but it was his best friends!”
“Yeah someone’s about to die and I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be Danny!”

Fun Fact #4…The Baltimore Ravens mascots are named Edgar, Alan and Poe. How poetic.

Fun Fact #5…People in Oakland must have been in love with all things south of the border because when naming the franchise they put it up to a public vote. The number one pick was the “Oakland Senors“. But before the Mariachi Band could take the field during half time they changed the name to the #3 pick, the “Oakland Raiders.” Good call Oakland, good call.

Fun Fact #5…Of all the sleazy deals and agreements made in car dealership offices, this wasn’t one of them. In Canton, Ohio, 1920 the American Professional Football Association was created with Jim Thorpe being elected as President. (By the way, headquarters, since the 1960’s, now resides in New York. Sorry Ohio.)

Fun Fact #6…Gimme a “C”! Gimme an “O”! Gimme a “L”! Gimme a “T”! Gimme a “S”! What does that spell?!?! Yep the first team to officially have good-looking ladies who could spell were the Colts.

Fun Fact #7…Legendary quarterback Joe Montana has his own wine. It’s made under the label, Montagia. Sadly, I think more of my favorite movie than how awesome it is for Joe to have his own wine. Come on, Inigo Montoya? Prepare to die if I have to explain the reference!

Fun Fact #8…Cammy-Cam hadn’t even stepped onto a college playing field when the Panther’s scooped up the “Loser’s Award” in 2001 for losing the most games in a season. The record stands at 15 games.

Fun Fact #9…Poor Ray Lewis. Even though he won MVP of our Most recent Super Bowl he got dubbed over by a Disneyland Commercial. Granted, his recent involvement in a murder trial might have had something to do with it. “MVP goes to “suspected murderer” but don’t worry he’s innocent…said every guilty man ever!” Nah, just kidding, he wasn’t convicted but the post disney commercial did play over his post game interview because of his recent past.

Fun Fact #10…Now this is what I like to see in my NFL Players…Multi sports Talented! Many players can be good at two sports but pro level at 2? Welcome Jerome Bettis into the room!!! Oh, you’ll need to scoot down a seat, his awesomeness needs more room! So what legendary sport does this man lay claim to besides football? Well my dear sports weaklings, that would be bowling. This man not only is a pro football player but he can bowl a perfect 300 in bowling. Who has two thumbs and double the talent of any normal man? No, not me, but Jerome Bettis that’s who.

Got any fun facts or words starting with the letter “F” you think should have been in this plethora of facts on football leave them in the comments and I’ll see about adding them in my next addition of “FootballFantasy’s Fun Football Facts!”


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3 comments on “Football Fantasy Fun Facts…Fumble. Formation. Falafel.

  1. LarryB
    April 6, 2013

    Awesome. 🙂

  2. yourfootballfantasy
    April 9, 2013

    LarryB I think I shall add that into my new post….Awesome :D…yep it’ll fit right in!

    😉 Thanks Larry!!!!

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