Where Smart Picks Go to Die

Week two face off with The Kraken…Chumba-what?

With week two on the horizon I constantly have Chumbawamba dancing in my head (for those of you who are like, “chumba-what?”…remember the tubthumping awesomeness of “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”…ah, now you get it!).  This just pumps me up and I feel sorry for my next opponent, The Kraken.

First, I think I shall introduce you to “The Kraken”. The Kraken is another amazing football fantasy, a wife who participates in fantasy football, who smashed her husband, Mimi’s best friend, in their first week. She has an amazing team, due to her quirky drafting process. Just like I had a draft week plan (or really lack of one) she had one as well, though it was quite different than mine. She came up with her plan as she wrote her first pick on the board (I had first pick and she had second). She started with A’s….that was her plan. To get as many players as she could by sticking with their first name starting with the letter “A” (QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Arian Foster, WR A.J. Green, TE Aaron Hernandez, RB Adrian Peterson). Oh it turned out quite interesting and when it ended she had quite the few tilted heads looking at her lineup with envy…she came out with an amazing lineup by simply sticking with “A” as long as she could.

Now to game numero deuce. I’m just going to start out with this…Chumbawamba is such the motivator! I took down an amazing “A” team with my “screw you” lineup!!! Sorry I couldn’t wait until the end to let this one out…this one deserved a victory dance from the start! I put The Kraken in her place with a beautiful score of 95-80! Pretty awesome, says I! Granted this only moves me up to third place, but hey it takes me out of being the queen of the losers, fourth place!

So I beat The Kraken? Yep. Though I did have an interesting week! My Camy-Cam Newton did pull through this week with a whopping 253 yards, 1 touchdown, 13 attempts, 71 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown…all equaling up to 25 points!!! Now that’s showing exactly why I picked him as my number one pick! Okay, okay that’s not the real reason, but that’s what I’m sticking to this week anyway! Rob “The Gronk” Gronkowski pulled out a decent week with 6 receptions, 75 yards and a touchdown all for 13 points. Decent weeks go out to LeSean McCoy, Percy Harvin and Miles Austin as well for pulling out low double digits. Though that’s all good compared to my goose egg of a WR Larry Fitzgerald with only 1 reception and 4 yards, what a waste for week 2. Oh well, thankfully everyone else did alright.

The upset of the week? Yeah if I’m gonna brag on my good guys, then there has to be an upset and boy was it an upset. Marshawn Lynch was still “questionable” and being new to the whole fantasy football scene that scared me. The “beast” I was told he was didn’t do too hot in week one and they said that his back spasms were still lingering around…so what do I do? Do I play him? Do I bench him? Do I trade him? Well ends up I just bench him and let my star player from last week Steven Ridley play in his place again. Did I mention there was an upset coming? Yeah Ridley-Lynch was my upset. Ridley only gave me 18 attempts, 71 yards, 3 receptions and 24 receiving yards…that’s it. While Lynch who sat pretty on my bench due to back spasms pumped out a wonderful 26 attempts, 122 yards and a touchdown, add all that together and what do you get? 18 points!!! 18 points on my bench to a man with back spasms!!! Yeah, that’s the upset…my first upset.

So week 2, not too bad, not too good. Had a good lineup but some of the players just popped a squat and did absolutely nothing, while others pumped out a great week of points. Either way I earned my first victory and the singing started, ” I g0t knocked down and received the ouch but it’s never gonna keep me down!” (ah…remember the ouch from week one? Yeah I still got it!) All celebrating aside, week 3 is coming up with a face off between me and Mimi’s Best Friend. It’s going to be an even game both of us coming in with 1-1…who’s going to be the better team? His power driving Tom Brady led team or my ups and down team led by none other than the Camy-Cam himself? I guess we’ll just have to see!


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