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Week One…and the Ouch award goes to…

Week one and guess who I get to play?! My husband! Perfect way to start out the season is by winning my first game against him and giving him a nice “Suck it Loser” dance of victory all around the house! Sounds nice right? Well we have to win first.

My first week is met with many challenges and decisions. So to be a good player I hawk eye all my players and watch their news-feeds. I noticed a HUGE “Questionable” in one of my positively beast players, M. Lynch. Throughout the draft my husband swore to give honest sound advice if I asked and when it came to choosing M. Lynch as a RB I was told, “Man he’s a beast!”  Sounds positive right? WRONG! He’s got back spasms and I don’t know what to do! First let’s look at my starting lineup and then we can decide who we can replace Lynch with. Starting line up looks like this:
QB – C. Newton
RB – L McCoy
RB – M. Lynch
WR – L. Fitzgerald
WR – Percy Harvin
TE – The Gronk
FLEX – M. Austin
D/ST – 49er’s
K – Janikowski

So on my bench for available RB’s I have Sproles and Ridley. Decisions, decisions…I choose Ridley solely based on the fact I liked that someone called him a sleeper! Sounded good to me (granted I had to ask what that meant and once I found out it meant someone who is picked in the draft with hopes of breaking out at some point as an awesome “lucky guess” pick, I felt even more confident with my choice) and I prayed for the best!

Game time! Projections are in and it’s not pretty! I am glued to my phone all afternoon, at the family reunion, at a baby shower, sitting on the couch…I’m hooked! Talking about being hooked, I showed my husband just how much I was getting into this the night before when I asked him to quiz me on teams and mascots. He was pleasantly surprised, I became like a party trick at our family reunion the next day being asked teams or mascots and me following it up with the matching answer.

Anyway, back to the game! So projections were not pretty, and they played out just as expected. I lost my very first fantasy football game to my husband! A huge suckage of 97 – 130!!! While this win awarded my Husband the beautiful “How you like them apples?” award for biggest win (don’t start celebrating too much, Eli Manning Mouth Breathers), I also got an award the “Ouch” award for being the prettiest, I mean biggest loser.

So I lost, big whoopee, BUT on a positive note Ridley, my replacement for Lynch, did have a blow out scoring day with a whopping 20 points with 21ATT, 125 YDS, 1 TD, 2 REC, and 27 RcYDS!!! Talk about a good first big fantasy football decision since Lynch only showed up with 9 points, 21 ATT, 85 YDS, 2 REC and 12 RcYDS.

So with the week one domination over, I’m officially ranked 4th in the league (aka number one loser) but I’m still satisfied with my team. My opponents are fierce and even though I feel great about my team, some of my high ranking players such as my Camy Cam Newton didn’t really show up and show out like I wanted. And Mr. Beast, M. Lynch isn’t seeming to recover any faster than what I wanted. Even though he played during week one he’s still Questionable which leads to me to question  the future of my team for the weeks to come…oh the decisions. Am I ready for this?


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3 comments on “Week One…and the Ouch award goes to…

  1. davidtutwiler
    November 20, 2012

    I had almost forgotten that I beat you that badly. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. yourfootballfantasy
    November 20, 2012

    Oh shove it! Look who’s leading in the standings now!!!

  3. nate dizzle mcgrizzle bizzle
    November 20, 2012

    Neither one of you is… I like this, it’s like I already know what’s going to happen before I read it!

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