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Blogging is hard.  That’s why we at Outputting Our Coverage International, LLC, prefer to use the spoken word as our preferred avenue of sports-related knowledge dispersion.  However, in our ever-growing efforts to increase our market share and topple the Finebaum show from the shady, grimy, slimy pinnacle of the college football talk show mountain, we have decided that you, the listener/reader, should also have a chance to stay up to date on our thoughts, impressions, picks, misgivings, hopes, and dreams all week long – not just on Thursday at 5:30 (College Football!).

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Who knows what form this weblog will eventually take?  David and I will both post here, and we may invite guest posters from time to time.  All we know for sure is that it will be more fun than a Les Miles press conference.  Since we typically just ramble for 45 minutes on the show anyway, what better way to start the blogging than with some thoughts, organized into bullets for maximum efficiency?

  • This is an excellent week of football ahead, by far the strongest of the season.  However, I get the feeling we aren’t going to get a true “blockbuster” match-up (a la Alabama-LSU 2011) until much later in the season, if at all.  Overall, there seems to be a lot more parity in college football this year.
  • Following up on that (and maybe contradicting myself), I think the national title is now a three team race: Alabama, Oregon, and FSU.  This may turn out to be a dumb prediction, but I have seen enough from LSU to drop them from contention.  They might change my mind this Saturday.  Also, FSU is mostly on this list because of how ridiculously easy the rest of their schedule is.
  • If Auburn doesn’t beat Arkansas by at least two touchdowns this weekend, things might get ugly on the plains.  At that point, it might be time to think about some major offensive (QB?) changes.
  • After learning that Texas running back Malcolm Brown is out for this week, I’m having an incredibly difficult time picking the Texas-West Virginia game.
  • It’s so cute that Oregon State coach Mike Riley took his team to In-N-Out Burger after their last two wins.  In SEC country, it would have to be Chick-fil-A or no way.

That’s all the hard-hitting info I’ve got right now.  Be sure to tune in Thursday night at 5:30 on Spreaker for the LIVE show.  You can actually send us comments and we will read them.  Anything you say.  Really.  Anything.  Because we’re that desperate awesome.
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About Andy

Co-host, along with David, of the Outputting Our Coverage sports talk radio extravaganza show every Thursday at 5:30 PM (College Football!) Lover of all things college football, the Auburn Tigers specifically, and 80's music by bands named after continents. Personal motto (adopted from Coach Mose): "None of that Tutti Frutti; Just the plain vanilla."

3 comments on “Welcome to OPOCBlog

  1. LarryB
    October 7, 2012

    Well; Auburn did lose today against what has been, at least up until today, a very inept Arkansas squad. Something has to change at Auburn. I like their coach but 2012 team does not resemble in any way a team that won a National Championship just 2 years ago.
    On a different note; congratulations to the St Louis Cardinals on winning the National League wildcard game. The Braves beat themselves in that game but the “in-field fly” call was the worst call I have ever seen in many years of watching Major League baseball. The Braves may not have won the game anyway but that call falls into the “game-changer” category.I am a Braves fan and the Braves were the wildcard leader for the entire season but…….got eliminated in one bad game. Something does not seem right about that. Before this year they would be playing in the 5 game divisional series and could survive a bad 1st game. The league definitely needs to change this format.

  2. davidtutwiler
    October 7, 2012

    Baseball wanted to bring more excitement into their league with this “sudden death” format. What they did, however, was create a game that was quite forgettable. I don’t know a ton if people who watched either game, no one is talking about Texas’ epic collapse which culminated with Baltimore winning in the other wild card game, and no one would be talking about the braves if it wasn’t for the call. I think this wild card format backfired.

  3. LarryB
    October 11, 2012

    I agree with you David. I think the league desired to create more excitement by giving more teams an opportunity to be in the post season. I think they accomplished that but the one game format is all wrong.The terribly bad call in the Braves/ Cardinals game hopefully will cause the league to re-evaluate this format during the winter meetings. I would like to see them also more narrowly define the “in-field fly” rule but I doubt they will go there.

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